• Image of JOIN .... Membership for 2017/2018.
  • Image of JOIN .... Membership for 2017/2018.

Annual Subscription to Last Night From Glasgow : Feb 2017 - Jan 2018

In our first year members were promised a minimum of 4 Vinyl Releases and invitations to 2 launch events. By the time we conclude our first year in January 2017, they will have received 3 Vinyl 7" Singles, 2 Vinyl 12" Albums, 1 USB Credit Card Album, 1 Slap USB EP, 1 Digital Only Single and invitations to 5 exclusive concerts. All for their single payment of £50.00

2017/2018 membership will provide new vinyl records and launch events for TeenCanteen, Medicine Men, Sister John, Sun Rose and at least one other plus new CD EP from Radiophonic Tuckshop, new album from Stephen Solo and digital releases from BooHooHoo and Emme Woods.

Bargain eh?


  • Membership Plus Mark W Georgsson LP
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  • Membership Plus Donation Towards Costs
    31 in stock
  • Membership, Donation and MWG LP
    33 in stock
  • Membership & 2016 Digital Catalogue
    33 in stock
  • Basic Membership
    16 in stock